The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has granted 2.5 million euros to extend seven promising research projects aimed at medical innovation. The projects, which are focused at debilitating and life-threatening diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and thrombosis, are part of the Dutch CTMM (Center for Translational Molecular Medicine) research programme.

CTMM’s mission is to accelerate the introduction of medical innovations to patients via public-private partnerships collaborations. The companies and academic institutions involved in the seven projects will jointly contribute a matching 2.5 million euros, making a total of 5 million euros available over the next two years.

“Medical innovation takes a long time. We are delighted that the Dutch government is investing in these research pearls,” saysPeter Luijten, CTMM Chief Scientific Officer. “Through their support, we can take the last step needed to translate the research results achieved over the last five years into concrete medical applications. This is very good news for patients as well as an important economic boost for the Netherlands.”

All seven research projects are in line with the roadmap of the Dutch Top Sector ‘Life Sciences & Health’ (LSH), one of nine sectors defined by the Dutch government to boost innovation. They are all extensions of previous high-quality research programmes started in 2008 within the CTMM institute.

“In 2008, the Dutch government, along with industry and universities, invested heavily in innovative medical research with the aid of revenue from the Dutch natural gas reserves,” says Luijten. “With today’s additional funding, the government is giving a positive signal that it recognizes the need for long-term investment to capitalize scientific knowledge into medical applications and benefit the whole society.”