Another clinic is taking a ground-breaking step towards the digital hospital of the future. In connection with extensive modernization measures, the Grupo Policl’nico Quirurgico in Palma de Majorca is equipping its clinic with state-of-the-art technology.

It stands to reason that the Group decided to install the innovative ClinicAll System, thereby achieving two goals at the same time. In addition to standard infotainment services for patients, ClinicAll also offers significant advantages that are crucial to future-proofing hospitals. In addition to standard patient infotainment services, i.e. optimizing processes and cutting costs by means of intelligent digital networks.

Thanks to ClinicAll, the Majorcan hospital will be able to incorporate digital medical records into the system, allowing the medical staff to access patient data directly from the patient’s bedside terminal. Thus, internal procedures can be synchronized and controlled more efficiently while optimizing medical care, treatment and support. The Grupo Policl’nico Quirurgico is so enthusiastic about the ClinicAll System that it immediately concluded an operator agreement with a 10-year term.

About 81 beds will be equipped with state-of-the-art mobile and stationary ClinicAll bedside terminals. As the renovation of the clinic continues until December 2015, the installation is expected to be completed by spring 2016. In the near future, patients will therefore be able to enjoy comprehensive communication and infotainment services, including IPTV, Internet via a full web browser, video on demand (VoD), VoIP telephony and access to current news, weather forecasts, online games, clinic information and much more. Thanks to the incorporation of the HIS patient health record that will be implemented as soon as the first installation phase is completed, the medical staff will also benefit promptly from the efficiency of the state-of-the-art ClinicAll solution.