Flagship NHS Hospital Using MicroStrategy’ to Improve Patient Care


Directors at Scotland’s NHS Golden Jubilee National Hospital hope that their use MicroStrategy’ will pave the way for a rollout of the software across the NHS.

Senior Management at the NHS Golden Jubilee Hospital in Scotland hope that their success using the dashboard tool MicroStrategy’ Mobile will lead to the product being used in other hospitals.

The NHS hospital has been using the software since 2013, and today Jill Young, the hospital’s CEO, issued a joint statement with MicroStrategy’ Incorporated, the firm which produces the software, in which she praised the success of the software and highlighted the potential for further reform in other hospitals.

“We have realized numerous benefits from using MicroStrategy in a short order of time. The platform’s comprehensive capabilities allow us to measure, in detail, the success of our Quality Framework and inform members of our staff via mobile apps on how they can be more responsive to our patients. Furthermore, we believe our Quality Framework, with MicroStrategy as its enterprise analytics standard, can be a model for adoption at other healthcare facilities around the world.”

The hospital uses MicroStrategy Analytics Platform’ and MicroStrategy Mobile’, programmes designed to work as dashboards providing mobile access to ‘over 200 quality indicators consisting of patient care, staffing, and performance metrics’. The result of this is a rounded view of how the hospital is performing, with staff able to compare the effects of the ‘quality indicators’ easily and identify issues easily.

The software is used by hospital staff on IPad devices to ‘easily analyze patient care, staffing, and performance targets on their iPad devices, revealing underlying and previously unknown patterns and interactions between patients and the hospital’. It is also used on a higher level, allowing the hospital’s senior management to ‘review employee performance and make decisions that improve management and effectiveness’. The mobile element of the software allows staff to securely update information at any time in any place, which helps to improve efficiency and communication.

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