iMDsoft is to be the vendor of choice for governments and hospital chains seeking a critical care clinical information system for multiple sites. The company offers unique solutions designed to facilitate large scale deployments, and has a proven track record of successful region-wide projects all over the world.

Four large scale projects have been signed over the past 18 months: New South Wales Health in Australia, Uppsala County Council and V’sterbotten County Council in Sweden and Helse Nord RHF in Norway. ‘Having an electronic record improves the quality of medication management and provides our staff with advanced clinical decision support and a better overview of patient and treatment information,’ said Lars Vorland, CEO of Helse Nord RHF.

MetaVision provides a single integrated electronic health record which can be accessed across departments and hospitals, giving clinicians the platform to coordinate care for their sickest patients and the data they need to make informed decisions about the best course of treatment. MetaVision’s distributed database architecture enables networks to maintain uniformity and enforce clinical best practices across institutions. Using centralised configuration management, MetaVision helps networks enhance operational efficiency through access to common data with consistent terminology. The system also has the flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of each installed unit while preserving standardisation across sites.

iMDsoft has agreements with health networks in Denmark, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Austria and the US. Here is a look at some recent projects:
Sj’lland region, Denmark: Live throughout the entire public health system, in seven hospitals
Queensland Health, Australia: Enterprise agreement that covers ICUs across the state’s network of public hospitals
Uppsala County Council, Sweden: Chose MetaVision for their high acuity environment county-wide
Helse Nord RHF, Norway: Chose MetaVision for the entire region, for over 2000 beds
New South Wales Health, Australia: Biggest public health system in Australia; Agreement to install MetaVision throughout the state’s ICUs
V’sterbotten County Council, Sweden: Chose MetaVision for all their critical care departments

“The implementation of MetaVision has improved the quality of clinical documentation throughout the region. This data can now be used to deliver better care and to manage patients more effectively,’ said Dorthe Bruun Jacobsen, Head Nurse at K’ge An’stesiologisk Afdelning and clinical lead of the Sj’lland project.

‘With a unique architecture that enables efficient software deployments across regions, MetaVision can meet the needs of large scale projects,’ said Lars-Oluf Nielsen, CEO of iMDsoft. ‘The system is adapted for local regulations and reporting requirements for each region, and has the flexibility to meet the specific needs of any health organisation.’