NHS organisations joined Healthcare UK to explore the £13bn of overseas healthcare business leads available to UK organisations.

Around 100 UK healthcare providers participated in seminars on overseas business opportunities organised by Healthcare UK as part of NHS England’s Health and Care Innovation Expo.

In 2014/15, £13bn of opportunities have been identified across Healthcare UK’s ten priority markets. Healthcare UK works with UKTI’s overseas network to identify high value opportunities with an accessible value of over £250mn for UK organisations (representing a cumulative total of contract values rather than a single contract).

Since Healthcare UK was established in 2013, it has assisted UK organisations to win healthcare contracts worth more than £3bn.

Discussions with Healthcare UK experts covered opportunities in:

‘Saudi Arabia


‘South East Asia


Participants heard directly from Mexico’s Vice Minister of Health and the Health Minister from New Delhi’s regional government the potential for partnership with NHS organisations in their countries.

Public sector organisations considering their international strategy were able to learn from colleagues already active overseas.

‘Kings College Hospital has been working internationally with success for a number of years. Projects span consulting, education services and joint ventures, including establishing the Kings College Hospital clinic in Abu Dhabi.

‘Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust shared their experience of working with Qatar and the journey towards closing a deal to provide mental health services.

‘The Leadership Academy are partnering with KPMG to provide their education and training services internationally.