The Healthcare Trends Institute has announced that the results of a Healthcare Benefits Technology Trends Survey are now available for download.    

The 2015 Healthcare Benefits Technology Trends Study report provides insights into how benefits decision makers are gauging current and future technology investments at organizations across the United States. The research was sponsored by the Healthcare Trends Institute, an educational platform for employers, consumers, and other healthcare benefits stakeholders.    

 The short, 11-question survey polled human resources (HR) executives, benefit specialists, and other benefit decision makers to explore how employers are utilizing technology in their benefits program management while ensuring compliance and employee satisfaction as the benefits environment continues to shift, due not only to rules instituted by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but also due to continued innovation from both startups and established companies.    

‘With such a rapidly shifting healthcare benefits environment, decision makers are utilizing technology in their benefits programs and this report not only shows that, but also employers’ plans to continue that trend,’ said Tiffany Wirth, Executive Director of the Healthcare Trends Institute.    

The complete 2015 Healthcare Benefits Technology Trends Study can be downloaded here.

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