Canon BioMedical is pleased to announce the launch of Novallele genotyping products in the United Kingdom and Ireland for sale through our distributor, Labtech. The Novallele portfolio covers genetic variations that can be difficult to genotype and offers a targeted approach for research laboratories to quickly obtain genotyping answers in their investigations.

“After receiving positive feedback at several scientific conferences in Europe, we are excited to share our solutions for DNA genotyping with researchers in the UK and Ireland” states Dennis Snyder, Senior Director of Global Commercial Operations for Canon BioMedical. “We look forward to working with Labtech, a qualified distributor with numerous years of experience serving the research communities in these countries.”
Since launching our first Novallele genotyping products in September of last year, Canon BioMedical has expanded the assay menu to include multiple new targets. The assays provide unique solutions for mitochondrial DNA and large deletions while supporting a wide variety of research areas, such as pharmacogenetics, cancer, and inherited disease. The full menu of 281 genotyping assays and complementary high-speed chemistry reagents are now offered in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Novallele genotyping assays detect genetic variations using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) followed by high-resolution melting (HRM) analysis on any thermocycler capable of HRM. In addition to a large number of SNP targets, there are also assays available for genotyping small and large insertions and deletions.