Founded in 2003, Beps Biopharm S.L are widely considered as the ‘Omega-3 Specialists’ in Spain, and dedicate themselves exclusively to quality Omega-3 supplements, which they offer at very competitive prices.

With our new ‘BEPSplus’ brand we offer unique, high quality Omega-3 – in combination with other natural health extracts – enabling synergies never seen before.

As a company, we aim is to offer our customers unique formulations for a healthier life. In regards to our specialties, we focus on cardiovascular, brain function and memory, depression, chronic inflammation (including chronic liver disease), attention deficit, anti-aging and stress.

At present the company is performing well achieving continuous growth, however despite our achievements we must always try and identify the ways in which we can stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, providing a unique combination of highly concentrated omega3fatty acids with highly effective plant extracts (for example polyphenols) has been one way of dealing with competition.

In regards to innovation, our liquid omega-3 oil formulation, specially designed to increase the physical and mental performance of athletes and and overworked business men and- women has been a huge success.

The product ‘Fitness Complex’ is sold under the brand ‘BEPSplus’ and it is particularly unique as it delivers in only one teaspoon a day over 1000 mg EPA+DHA, 50% of the daily vitamin D3 requirement and 200 mg Schisandra chinensis berry extract (known for over 2000 years in traditional chinese medicine as a very potent muscle and brain function enhancer).

The staff here at Beps Biopharm S.L play a vital role in the success of the firm, moreover, our success is only possible due to the enormous effort and work invested by every single member of our company.

In regards to the healthcare sector, with our new product line BEPSplus we believe we have created the ‘next generation’ Omega3, allowing us to produce more effective supplements than any of our competitors.

In addition, it will allow us to reduce the daily dose (for example number of capsules) and still achieve superior health effects, thus increasing customer compliance and satisfaction.
Looking ahead to the future, competition in the supplement field is always very tough, however, we believe through our strategy to combine the clinically proven omega3 fatty acids with highly effective plant extracts, it gives us an unlimited portfolio of synergies to be discovered in the future. As long as we stay innovative, I see no problem for Beps Biopharm S.L and healthy continuous growth for our company Company: Beps Biopharm S.L.

Name: Dr. Peter Lembke
Email: [email protected]
Web Address: http://www.beps-shop.com/en
Address: Raval Santa Anna 21, 2nd,
43201 Reus (Tarrogona), Spain
Telephone: +34 977 345 765

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