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GHP Magazine Awards FAQs

November 21, 2016

GHP Magazine Awards FAQs

GHP is a global information sharing platform and a multi-disciplinary members community.

Established to enhance communication networks and collaboration across all themes and disciplines within three main categories; Human, Animal and Environmental Health. Whilst the membership is organically grown and closely audited, members have tended to fall into a number of general categories; Academia, Industry, Public Bodies and Health Systems, Governments and Policy Makers, Funding Agencies and Groups, Investors, Regulatory and Professional Bodies. 

Through operating a novel and proprietary member community model, rather than the traditional visitor and reader model, we are able to ascertain through a process of review, interview, research and feedback what themes or topics are of interest allowing our communications to be responsive rather than assumptive. These responses could be concerns or challenges faced, intended purchasing decisions, desired collaborations, investment intentions or many other criteria. 

The value proposition for partners is evident; absolute assurance that what you have to say is of interest to the individuals you’re saying it to.


How are your winners selected?

All of our winners are chosen by our in-house research and judging team.

The team spends months researching and assessing the industry, sector, region and business in question before making its decision and takes into account a wide range of criteria and factors, including:

·         Company profile

·         Leadership – aims, missions, goals of company, significant changes or advancements made by directors etc.

·         Previous accolades

·         Social media and online presence

·         Peer/industry recognition

·         Client reviews/recommendations/testimonials

·         Recruitment drive

·         Scope: International, regional, local? Where do firms in question stand in relation to the competition?

·         Company growth

·         Extracurricular: partnerships, volunteering, sponsorships


Do I have to pay to win my award?

Not at all. Once you are named as one of our winners, that accolade is yours and you are free to promote or make use of this win in any way you see fit (we offer complimentary packages to help you do just this).

However, if you want to get a head start on your marketing, we offer a wide range of paid-for packages to help you showcase your business and your award to our global readership of more than 260,000 top-level CEOs and key decision makers, healthcare professionals, nurses and support service workers.


None of the packages seem quite right for my business. Can I create my own?

Of course. In addition to our most popular standard options, we also provide many of our winners with bespoke packages, specifically designed with their firm in mind.

If you think one of these bespoke packages would be more suitable for your company, simply speak to our sales team and they’ll work with you to come up with something that’s just right.


I have booked one of your editorial packages but I won’t be able to write my article myself. Can your team help me with this?

Our in-house team includes an experienced and highly skilled editorial department who are experts in helping our winners to share the right message in exactly the right way.

If required, they can take the writing and design process off your hands completely and will be able to gather all the information they need through either telephone interviews or email Q&As.

Of course, you will have the final say on what is published and you’ll be invited to check and amend your article and the design of your pages at all stages of the production process.


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