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The 2016 Animal Health Awards Press Release

December 6, 2016


GHP Announces the 2016 Animal Health Award Winners

United Kingdom, December 2016- GHP Magazine has announced the winners of the 2016 Animal Health Awards.

Animals are a vital part of our lives, with both domestic pets and farmyard animals acting as sources of both comfort and income to thousands of people around the world. Projects in key therapeutic areas provide a solid platform for further growth in veterinary medicine, and this area is rapidly expanding as our increased focus on the life that surrounds us and how it impacts on our lives and health leads the industry towards greater innovation.

As such we have created the 2016 Animal Health Awards, which are committed to recognising companies associated with the health and welfare of animals in addition to veterinary medicine across the globe. The programme focuses on both corporate industry members and national animal health associations, exploring the rapidly increasing areas of innovation, technology, scientific achievement and wildlife conservation.

Emma Keen, Awards Co-ordinator, commented: “Ultimately, this award programme acknowledges and rewards those who have gone beyond their duty of care to improve the welfare, care and health of animals and I am truly proud to be able to showcase the hard work and dedication of every single one of our winners. I sincerely hope that they continue to build upon their success and I wish them the best of luck in the future.”

To find out more about these leading lights, and discover what has led them to becoming who they are today, please visit to access our winners supplement.



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