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The health care industry is the most vital industry in the world. With break through treatments and health care solutions emerging daily it is now more important than ever to seek out those who work tirelessly and selflessly to provide and develop the best care possible for those who depend on them, on a global scale.

We at GHP Magazine are striving to showcase the talent and dedication showcased across this globally critical industry.  From those working to develop ground breaking treatments to local GP’s GHP is looking to seek out the best and reward them for their dedication.

As with all our awards programmes this is not a vote driven exercise. Our winners are carefully selected following a rigorous research process which uses a combination of online voting information, together with supporting evidence and the expertise of our in-house research team and judging panel. As such please find the voting form below if you wish to make a nomination, and please feel free to spread the word about the awards and help us to highlight the dedicated many in this industry.

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