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Nutritional Therapy

September 7, 2017

Nutritional Therapy Athens Clinic- Antonia J Moutafi  

Best for Physical and Mental Health Nutritional Solutions - Greece & Nutritional Therapist of the Year 2017 - Greece

Nutritional Therapy Clinic is a nutritional treatment center in Athens, founded by Dr. Antonia J. Moutafi. The center provides high quality diagnostic, therapeutic services. Detects and help with the real causes of chronic ailments like autoimmunity, hormonal issues, mental disorders, childhood syndromes, cancer care by examining the whole body. Dr Antonia holds a doctorate with a specialization in Natural Medicine and applies Functional Medicine, NutriGenomics, Herbals. Author of a plethora of health articles and books of wide circulation and member of many scientific associations in the UK, USA. She participates in lectures, presentations on health issues throughout Greece and abroad.


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