PolyPak America manufactures custom and stock shipping envelopes for e-commerce, healthcare, soft goods and retail apparel customers. Specifically, within the healthcare sector, the firm provides prescription fulfilment solutions.
Supporting both its customers and the environment is key for PolyPak, as Susan is keen to emphasise.

‘Here at PolyPak we produce all of our products domestically from our base in California, using proprietary resin blends that ensure performance standards while reducing our carbon footprint. This approach helps us to use less raw material in order to maintain a direct balance between product function and environmental stewardship.’

Working with industries such as healthcare, where quality and safety are vital, means that the firm needs to maintain a client focused approach which revolves around sending the orders out quickly, correctly and properly, as Susan explains.

‘In order to ensure that every one of our clients receives the very best service from our firm, our Sales and Marketing teams are constantly listening to our customers’ needs and challenges in order to develop solutions that help resolve those issues.

‘In addition, we have recently shown a marked reduction in returns that have, in the past, been attributed to packages breaking and internal breakage of products that are being shipped to the customer. This is particularly crucial for markets such as healthcare, as it ensures the safety of everyone who uses our products.’

One of the firm’s latest innovations is Mighty Lite MailersTM, which improves performance and function while using a lighter gauge film than the standard mailer thickness. This results in less raw materials being consumed and, in many cases, a cost savings to customers.

Moving forward, Susan is keen for the industry as a whole to maintain an environmentally focused approach in order to ensure that the planet we live on is preserved for future generations.

‘Within both the industry and our company, there is a desperate need to continue to focus on repurposing plastic waste and integrating that waste into new products for all of the markets we currently serve.’

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