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Canny Box

October 30, 2018

Canny Box

Best Dog Waste Collection Product: Canny Box


The whole world has agreed reducing plastics of a only use in our planet, and CANNY BOX bumps into the scene.

After the last email sent the last 25th of May to this day we have to inform you that we have finished the new development of the Poo Collector Canny Box V.2.0. This new design has totally removed the plastic piece used to close the box. It was a users requirement and we have achieved it, so we hope you like it.

Now we can state the Canny Box is 100% done by recyclable material without any kind of plastic as it had before.

Now is the moment!

CANNY BOX''s intention is to provide a solution to a troublesome issue about our dogs' dispposals collecting.

Nowadays, we only have a model for collecting them, that is the plastic bag. This only picking-up model has some serious disadvantadges that currently have not been properly solved, such as touch, temperature and its non-convenient and agressive use. Another important aspect is the non-recyclable nature of plastic.

CANNY BOX will always be developing environmental-friendly products.

Moreover, we believe that if we give confortable, practical and biodegradable elements, we implement the awareness and social commitment.

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