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Expert Warns Parents of Drug Prescription Crisis

February 6, 2018


Leading Behavioural Change Expert Warns Parents of Drug Prescription Crisis

Matt Hudson, founder of Motivational Change and the Hudson Mind Theory and author of ‘Kids: Now they Come with a Manual’, is warning parents of the dangers of normal life experiences such as sadness, fear, grief and anxiety, being treated as medical conditions.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has turned sadness, fear, grief, anxiety and other ordinary life experiences that we would expect our children to experience into something that are now considered medical conditions.

Recent reports have indicated that 5.29% of the global child population (5% for Europe) is now thought to suffer from ADHD and more than one quarter of young people between 13 and 18 years old suffer from anxiety.

Only this month The Duchess of Cambridge launched a website aimed at improving mental health support for children at primary school saying that ‘one in 10 children experience a mental health difficulty by age 11’.

Prompted by Children's Mental Health Week (5-11 February 2018) he said: “We are constantly hearing that mental illness among children is on the rise; more anxious, stressed and depressed than ever before. Confused and insecure children are likely to be diagnosed as depressed or traumatised. Energetic or disruptive youngsters are said to be suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Kids who give their teachers a hard time or argue with adults might even find themselves labelled victims of ‘oppositional defiant disorder’.”

General Anxiety Disorder or GAD threatens to turn any ache, pain or even disappointment into mental illness. Psychiatry has yet to identify any clear biological causes for most mental disorders, therefore many of mental health issues our children are being labelled with, have no clinical basis but are nonetheless treated with drugs, creating great profits for the pharmaceutical industry and devastation for our children, their families and society.

He said: “The authorities now have the power to issue drugs like Ritalin for ADHD, which is as powerful as cocaine, directly to children - and the parents have no say in the decision. The prescription is based on a chemical imbalance theory, a theory that has never been proven to this day.”

Children who are socialised to see their experiences through a veil of ‘mental health’ are starting to internalise this narrative and teachers being coached to constantly identify potential ‘mental health triggers’ and ‘issues’ will of course find them - even if those problems are not in reality there. With children hearing so much about mental health awareness, they are beginning to communicate their problems in psychological vocabulary; using words like ‘anxious’, ’stress’, ‘trauma’ and ‘depression’ to describe their feelings.

“Childhood should be the happiest time of your life, the time before the stresses of earning a living and developing relationships begins. It is when we are at our most robust, not, as public opinion seems to be suggesting - emotionally fragile. In the 21st Century however, this is not the case. More and more of our children are ‘suffering with depression, anxiety, or stress’. But surely there are better ways of dealing with this than drugging them?”

In February Matt Hudson will be hosting an event that will show parents how to reach their children and to support them more easily: “We can’t leave it up to doctors to prescribe drugs to our children because they are unhappy. We need better tools to work with. I am a behavioural change consultant and have been in practice for over 20 years, my book Kids - Now They Come With A Manual was written for teachers and parents to reach todays children, with their very modern problems.”

Whether a child is 2 or 32 years old Matt will be sharing how their mind works and why they behave the way they do. The event will be educational, inspirational and transformational as parents will discover how to influence children for the better.

Matt Hudson is recognised as one of the country’s most successful and experienced clinical hypnotherapists, coaches and stress management consultants. As a specialist on ‘the mind’ he has case study after case study that prove that he has found alternative ways to treat and sort illnesses that include eating disorders, cancer, diabetes, ADHD, chronic pain, MS, and ME and has irradiated many issues in children that includes dyslexia.

The course ‘Raising Happier and Smarter Kids’ runs from the 22nd to the 23rd February in Bristol. For more information follow this link >

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