Many of today’s younger generation are content with the concept of staying in rather than going out, choosing to nest instead and enjoying the company of friends and family. There is no better time of the year than Christmas to really tap into that desire to snuggle down and focus on the home and family.

Rebecca Waters, Head of Marketing at Robert Dyas said, ‘There is a desire from all generations to move away from screen time and unplug. Board games make the most of those special moments where families are all together and both millennials and parents are fully embracing the resurgence of such traditions’.

Children’s addiction to gaming and the excessive use of smart phones, computers and the internet is now recognised by the World Health Organisation as a disorder, which can lead to stress and significant impairment in functioning*. It’s vital for families to understand the importance of time spent away from blue screens and what better time to encourage both children and adults alike to ditch their technology, than at Christmas?

Instead, why not focus on family fun? It’s a rarity for everyone to be in the same place at the same time nowadays and with the Robert Dyas range of board games families can keep up their festive spirits during the holiday season. To help you choose the games to suit you and your family best, Robert Dyas has compiled a handy guide to make the most of this season’s yuletide cheer. Just make sure to play fair!

Banish Mobile Phones

During the Christmas period, it’s important to lock those phones away to ensure quality time with loved ones. The Mobile Phone Jail Cell (£7.99) is the perfect gift for a digital addict! With no chance of temptation, you can guarantee real-life interaction rather than eyes being glued to a screen. Who knows, they should see the funny side!

Let the Games Begin

This year, the old classics have been given a new spin and will continue to provide great fun for all the family. With the Monopoly Game of Thrones Edition (RRP £29.99 reduced to £24.99) you and your family can roll the dice and throw yourself into the classic fantasy world. Expand your empire to take the Crown!

Why not discover who the true Friends fanatic is this Christmas with Winning Moves Friends Trivial Pursuit (£9.99)? Test your knowledge with 600 questions based on all your favourite moments and find out who remembers the names of all of Ross’ wives or which character Courtney Cox played? A perfect stocking filler to keep the whole family entertained for hours on end.

This year, unlock the mystery of Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory Cluedo Board Game (£29.99) (Online only). Find out who is the Penny of the family or if you are perhaps a bit more of a Wolowitz character than you first thought!

Stiff Upper Lip

Know an awkward uncle or want to embarrass dad? Indulge them to celebrate a traditionally British Christmas this year with the Very British Problems Board Game (£22.99). Put the kettle on, get comfy in your armchair and let your inner Britishness shine forth.

Shake Things Up

Inject some variety into your family games with the Mattel Escape Room in a Box (£29.99) (Online only) a game that offers pure escapism! Participants are challenged to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes within 60 minutes. You can test the grey matter and forget reality, the perfect present to have fun and engage with.

Introduce some amusing after-dinner-antics with games such as Thumbs Up ‘ Desktop Curling (£6.99) or Thumbs Up ‘ Desktop Football (£6.99)? Pop in a stocking and add another level of fun this Christmas, guaranteed to bring out the competitive spirit no matter who’s playing!

If Things Become a Little Heated ‘

Laughter is the best medicine and humour is the best cure-for-all. There’s nothing like a giggle to disperse any family tensions that may arise. The Ridley’s Self Inflating Whoopee Classic Cushion (£3.99) is a sure fired way to lighten any mood brought on by an intensively competitive game of Monopoly or cure a Christmas conundrum!

If all else fails, perhaps pass around the Poo Emoji Stress Ball (£4.99) to the offender around the table and let the ball offer some instant squishy, squashy, light relief!

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