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Galen Therapy Centre

October 30, 2018

Galen Therapy Centre

Best Canine Chronic Muscular Pain Management Specialists - UK

Myotherapy is derived from the prefix ‘myo’, meaning ‘relating to muscles’ . Therapy, as a direct therapy for muscles, meaning hands-on and also exercise management.

Galen Myotherapy is a unique and highly specialised manual and exercise management therapy in dogs. It uses appropriate, effective and targeted massage techniques and exercise to manage chronic muscular pain, reduce inflammation and to maximise muscle function. As written about in the ‘World Small Veterinary Association – Journal of Small Animal Practice. Vol 55 , June 2014.’

Galen Myotherapy is an authentic approach, using unique knowledge that has been developed by Galen’s founder Julia Robertson through her treatment of over 8,000 dogs since 2002. She was one of the first, if not the first known dedicated canine practitioners of this type in the UK.

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