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King of Paws

October 30, 2018

King of Paws

Best Dog Training Academy - Leinster

Our dog training academy is based onsite at the DSPCA and in many parks around Dublin. 100% of our income goes directly to fund the work of the DSPCA in helping sick, injured & cruelly treated animals.

We use force free training methods, we do not use or allow prong collars, chock chains, shock collars or physical force on your dog.

Our method is strictly positive reinforcement. This means your dog will be rewarded for correct behaviors. The easiest way to quickly reinforce a behavior is with food. But we will also use toys, attention and praise once the goal behavior is understood.

We will always set your dog up for success throughout their learning process. Training requires patience and consistency, we ask owners remain both throughout their training classes and afterwards.

By using positive reinforcement your dog will love training and learning. Your dog will look forward to training sessions and you dog will be easy to teach.

Your dog will be happy, confident and fear-free.

Contact Us

+44 (0) 203 725 6847