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PetVivo Holdings Inc

October 30, 2018

PetVivo Holdings Inc

Award for Excellence in Animal Healthcare Products 2018 - Minnesota

Lead Product: Kushâ„¢ System is an injectable veterinary device used in the treatment of osteoarthritis in equine and canine. It is designed to prevent bone-on-bone friction and reduce or eliminate joint pain from loss of cartilage or tissue-bone mechanical malfunction caused by joint dysfunctions. The Kushâ„¢ System will augment synovial membrane function without pharmacologic, chemical, or metabolic action. Our patented device particles act like micro-sized sponges to fill the joints synovium and lubricate the articulating surfaces. The fluid's inherent physical characteristics combine with the particles' durable structure to provide a lubricated soft springy cushion when force is applied to them.

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