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The Cat Vet

October 30, 2018

The Cat Vet

Feline Veterinarian of the Year 2018 - South England

Vet Jo Lewis, aka The Cat Vet, has a lifelong love and understanding of cats and a passion for feline medicine. It’s no secret that getting a cat to a traditional vet clinic can be a stressful experience and, in some cases, impossible. Cats don't see a vet as often as they should. At best they miss out on routine preventative health checks, at worst treatable diseases go undiagnosed. As they get older and sicker and that final day comes when they need putting to sleep, the last thing they deserve to feel is fear.

So while other vets were focussing on ways to make a cat's trip to the vet more 'cat-friendly', Jo set about solving this problem in her own caring way. She was the first vet in the UK to design from 'scratch' a home visiting vet clinic just for cats and is committed to teaching people the world over how to #ThinkLikeACat.

Dr Jo Lewis MRCVS

The Cat Vet

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