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Vitality Expression

May 23, 2018

Vitality Expression

Best Visiting Nutritional Therapist -England & Award for Excellence in Functional Medicine - England

‘I’m a certified nutritional therapist and a functional medicine practitioner Dip.CNM; Dip.FMU; mBANT,CNHC. I offer home visits in Weybridge-Surrey and the surrounding areas. I’m of service in a wide variety of health problems like hormonal support, detoxification, autoimmunity, etc. My knowledge in yoga & Ayurveda allows me to read people’s constitutional types easily. This skill guides me quite accurately when it comes to prescribing them the most appropriate diet, supplements, exercise routine, stress-relief techniques, etc., for each one of them. My main strength as a professional lies there: in understanding my clients from a truly holistic and spiritual perspective.’

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