Australia’s Number One Healthy Living and Eating Programme now in UK and US

Australia�s Number One Healthy Living and Eating Programme now in UK and US

? New global survey reveals how mums feel about their bodies
? 83% of UK mums do not love their body
? 80% of mums think healthy eating is expensive

With new research revealing how less than 17% of UK mums are in love with their body, and only one-third (33%) of mums feeling healthy; modern mothers are under substantial amounts of pressure to quickly drop excess baby weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The survey of 5,000 mums was conducted by The Healthy Mummy, a global parenting community and health site, and it revealed how many mums around the globe have limited body confidence, with less than 15% loving their body.

With mums lacking time and motivation to keep a healthy eating and exercise routine, Rhian Allen, a mother of two herself, sympathized and aspired to create an attainable, cost-effective and sustainable way to live and eat healthily. Nearly nine years later, The Healthy Mummy has helped mums lose over six and a half million pounds by using cost-effective recipes that are easy to incorporate into family mealtimes, a supportive online community, and an achievable exercise plan.

She explains her highly successful healthy eating programme:

‘Mums are the gatekeepers to the family and the key person of influence for the health and longevity of her family. When mothers set a positive health example, it can have a significant effect across her family and community,’ says Allen. ‘Our mission at The Healthy Mummy is to help mums all over the world to lead a healthier life by supporting and helping them make health a priority and set positive examples for generations to come.’

Case Study: Laura Linklater, West Yorkshire. Total Loss: Three Stone

Laura had three babies in three and a half years. After her third baby was born in May 2018, she weighed 13 stone, despite spending most of her adolescent years and adult life just under nine stone. Laura’s diet consisted of biscuits and white carbohydrates due to low energy levels and the commitments of running a family.

Laura discovered The Healthy Mummy on Facebook, initially trialing some work out videos. From September 2018, Laura religiously followed the meal plan and completed two to three fitness videos or workouts per day on the 28-day challenge app.

Laura commented on her experience:

‘I’m now 9 stone, three pounds and training to be a firefighter! I’m the fittest I have ever been, after other Healthy Mummies on the wonderful Facebook group encouraged me to run 5k. I am now fit, healthy and just under my goal of 9.5st. Healthy Mummy arrived at a time when I think I was teetering on the edge of Post Natal depression. I am now feeling great, and have Facebook peer support, a framework for meal planning and resourcing ingredients. Healthy Mummy is about a lifestyle of strength, self-respect and self-love. It’s an antidote to the toxic narrative around women’s bodies, especially post-baby bodies.’

The Healthy Mummy is ideal for busy and budget conscious family orientated mums, who are motivated to live and eat healthily.

For more information visit: https://www.healthymummy.co.uk/


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