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Brain Performance is Taking a Quantum Leap: SOFOS Associates – the UK’s First Brain Optimisation Clinic Launches

September 10, 2019


Brain Performance is Taking a Quantum Leap: SOFOS Associates – the UK’s First Brain Optimisation Clinic Launches

Health industry innovator, SOFOS Associates is leading the way in the field of brain optimisation by launching the UK’s first cognitive optimisation clinic to enhance individual cognitive function with a team of best-in-class experts and cutting-edge technology.

Taking a science-based, multidisciplinary approach to how we perform, SOFOS Associates focuses on an individual’s ultimate driver of performance and wellbeing; the brain, in order to enhance clients’ cognitive ability so that they can truly excel.

One Annual Programme

Annual programmes are highly customised and take the time to get to know each unique individual and how they operate, guided by the three pillars of cognition; physiology, psychology and environment.

Providing an integrated approach to clients’ overall brain health, SOFOS is pushing boundaries in the space of neuroenhancement in high performance, highly motivated individuals, to further elevate optimal functioning with very tailored programmes based on in-depth data analysis. Bringing to market a service that currently remains unparalleled, SOFOS Associates has been pioneering performance enhancement through functional medicine, psychological techniques and neuromodulation technologies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and biofeedback.

Founder, Business Psychologist, Natalia Ramsden acknowledged that neurophysiological aspects were being missed in professional development methods that organisations continually invest in to support employees. Ramsden comments: “Traditional development has focused on skill and knowledge acquisition or maybe some light strategies for improving health and wellbeing. We wanted to take that further, much further because we knew that no amount would be beneficial long term, if one’s brain wasn’t performing optimally.

"SOFOS is focused on instilling change at behavioural, cortical and subcortical levels and that is something that has never been done in this way before. We were inspired by developments happening across industries such as healthcare, technology and the corporate sector and were able to draw on these to create a truly pioneering approach to personal development.

"People have, for quite some time, played with the idea of boosting their brain power, or improving their brain, and we are now, with a highly specialised team, able to do this.”

Now working with the very latest transformative, functional medicine, psychological and technological advances in neurocognition, Natalia is striving to positively impact the true driver of our daily performance; the brain, and how best to both optimise and harness its power to truly thrive.

Her ongoing research into neurocognition and brain function ensures that she remains at the forefront of this pioneering research. Since launching SOFOS Associates, Ramsden has worked with senior leaders in their respective fields, helping them achieve peak brain performance.

Her ambition is to continue innovate and lead in this ground-breaking area of optimising brain performance so that individuals can realise their full intellectual potential.

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