The world’s first premium CBD and full spectrum cannabis oil brand, Cannuba, is supporting the UK’s first national pilot study for medical cannabis, Project TWENTY21, which launched earlier this month.

Run by Drug Science, the UK’s leading independent scientific body on drugs, Project TWENTY21 aims to enrol 20,000 patients into the pilot before the end of 2021, using a real word data patient registry to assess efficacy, safety, quality-adjusted life year (QALYs), and patient reported outcomes in those prescribed medical cannabis.

The pilot will investigate specific uses, focusing on times in which alternative treatment has failed:

‘ Chronic pain

‘ PTSD, with a focus on the veteran community

‘ Multiple sclerosis

‘ Tourette’s syndrome

‘ Prison populations as a harm reduction strategy

‘ Cannabis use disorder and substance use disorder as a harm reduction strategy

To achieve this goal, Project TWENTY21 will develop a body of evidence using a real-world data registry. This data will then be used to support applications to health authorities in the expectation that there will soon be a new regulatory system for medical cannabis in the UK.

Cannuba advisor, Luzita Hill, sat on the panel of the Cannabis Clinicians workshop at the launch as a patient representative. Luzita also gave a talk on her personal experiences on holistic therapies and treatments.

The pilot scheme is part of the ongoing work of the Drug Science Cannabis Working Group, which launched at the House of Lords earlier this year. The working group, which is looking to develop approaches to improving patient access to medical cannabis in the UK, includes Cannuba board members, as well as other leading drug science experts, patient representatives, policy makers and other industry partners.

Rob James, CEO of Cannuba Ltd., said:

‘We are very excited to be working with Drug Science on of this potentially policy changing project. The study will be a great opportunity to collate scientific, tangible statistics for medical cannabis. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of meaningful scientific research taking place in the UK.’

Drug Science is a leading international voice on the scientific, ethical and political developments for medical cannabis. It provides an evidence base free from political or commercial influence, creating the foundation for sensible and effective drug laws, by delivering, reviewing and investigating scientific evidence relating to psychoactive drugs.