* DNAfit launches new Health Fit test, featuring most in-depth reports yet on sleep and stress genetics alongside diet and fitness insights.


* 25th April marks World DNA Day, marking 66 years since the discovery of the double-Helix, and 16 years from the completion of the Human Genome Project .


The world of personalised wellness wakes to a new DNA dawn today, with consumers now able to take a simple test and discover how genes affect their body’s personal response to sleep and stress.


Launched today by DNAfit, the brand new ‘Health Fit’ (RRP: £165) product provides the most robust consumer wellness genetics test yet. Encompassing a personal report, and access to coaching and support plans, the test offers the most personalised insights possible into their body’s predisposition to diet, fitness and, for the first time, mental wellbeing.


Health Fit explores a number of genetic factors that can affect our mental wellbeing such as sleep quality, and the personal impact of caffeine on sleep.


Central to Health Fit is the ground-breaking new Chronotype Report. Analysing six specific genes that combine to generate the customer’s ‘chronotype’, this assesses whether a person is genetically predisposed to heightened hormonal activity in the morning or evening.


In the instance of a genetic night owl, their circadian rhythms are regulated in a way that creates more hormonal activity later in the day.  The new test also reveals the most robust stress genetic information to date, revealing high or low predisposition to stress tolerance, and anticipated response to high pressure situations.


The most advanced DNA test ever from DNAfit, the UK’s leading wellness genetics company, ‘Health Fit’ is available to purchase directly from www.dnafit.com and assesses the impact of more than 75 genes to create personalised reports in three clear sections:

‘ Diet: A selection of in-depth and easy to use genetic insights to help customers personalise their diet, looking at a range of factors including carbohydrate sensitivity, lactose tolerance, caffeine sensitivity and vitamin needs.

‘ Fitness: A range of genetic-insights that enable users to tailor their personal fitness and workout plans, assessing areas such as power vs endurance focus, and recovery speed.

‘ Sleep and Stress: A combination of the latest genetic research to help customers optimise their sleep and stress resilience.

Every customer receives their own personal consultation to help interpret the results, and to discuss potential lifestyle actions that offer the best possible choices to live happier, healthier lives.

Health Fit launches just two days before World DNA Day on April 25th, as the world celebrates 66 years since the discovery of the double-Helix, and 16 years since the completion of the Human Genome Project which transformed the potential for genetics to improve everyday life. Since 2014, DNAfit alone has helped more than 100,000 UK adults take control of their wellness via the most personalised possible nutrition and fitn    ess insights.


Avi Lasarow, CEO of DNAfit

Avi Lasarow, CEO of DNAfit said:

“We are excited to be able to announce the launch of Health Fit, our latest exciting product which is going to give consumers all over the world the chance to gain further insights into their personal wellness genetics. Previously selling more than 100,000 diet and fitness DNA tests, we believe that as a company mental wellbeing needs to hold equal importance. We can learn so much by exploring the information held by our personal DNA, and use that to make the best possible choices for our health. Recent years have seen millions embrace the potential of personalised wellness, and this takes the industry further forward in our mission to help people live happier, healthier lives.’


Health Fit (RRP: £165) is available to purchase from www.dnafit.com