Future facing Boots stores launch new CBD-infused aromatherapy skincare range


EOS Scientific has launched its luxury CBD-infused body and skincare range, Ambience Apothecary, with transformative high street retailer Boots. EOS Scientific’s launch follows a series of successful CBD infused products under the EveryDay Ambience brand, already retailing in Holland & Barrett. As Boots continues to streamline their portfolio of holistic remedies, emblematic of their Stores of the Future rejuvenation, the Ambience Apothecary launch caters to a huge spike popularity for premium CBD products. The launch leverages a multitude of benefits surrounding CBD and ‘cannabinoids’ (the non-psychoactive extracts from the cannabis plant) now staking their claim in the wellness and beauty arenas, thanks to speculated calming, healing and anti-inflammatory properties in the broadening range of products containing the CBD component. With inflammation at the root of most skin-related irritation – CBD extracts and hemp-derived oils work to potentially ease aches, soothe stress and prolong your skin’s health. 

In conjunction with their launch of Apothecary, EOS Scientific conducted nationally representative research, detailing the evolution of British attitudes towards skincare. Top line statistics include the following;

• 78% – almost four-fifths – of Britons believe that all skincare products should be cruelty free and should eliminate all aspects of animal testing from the research and development process
• Over half – 55% – of British consumers would boycott skincare products that they are aware have been made with animal products
• 40% of British consumers only buy cosmetics that only use natural ingredients
• 41% of Britons have never been more conscious of what they put on their skin
• 38% of Britons would use CBD to help improve their wellbeing

Introducing Ambience Apothecary:

Through Ambience Apothecary, EOS Scientific have created a premium natural and organic skin & body care collection. Ambience Apothecary is inspired by the ancient apothecaries and the power of their hero ingredient cannabidiol, one of the key cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. All the Ambience Apothecary range have been infused with 300mg of CBD.

Channelling the benefits of Aromatherapy, Ambience Apothecary will satisfy those customers looking for a sense of premium wellbeing. Through the inspiration of essential oils, Ambience Apothecary is a pioneering range that will transform CBD-infused products from the niche to the forefront of luxurious skincare cosmetics.

Ambience Apothecary’s natural and organic formulas are free from animal testing, do not use petrochemicals, mineral oils or parabens. All of the collections are suitable for vegetarians.

The products of the Ambience Apothecary range include;

• Harmony & Calm Body Oil
• Soothe and Relieve Muscle Balm
• Uplift and Cleanse Foot and Leg Cream
• Indulge & Nourish Body Butter
• Indulge & Nourish Radiance Face Cream 

Simon Manthorpe, CEO of EOS Scientific, commented on the launch of Ambience Apothecary and the Evolution of Skincare research;

Inspired by the desires of the British consumer, we wanted to introduce a luxurious and ethical skincare product that would set ourselves apart from our competitors. Using our hero ingredient, CBD oil, and infusing it with a host of essential oils, we believe we have delivered a premium CBD range that delivers the benefits of aromatherapy in an all new first for the market.”

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