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Has disrupted sleep left you feeling exhausted?

January 24, 2019


Take the sleep challenge
Hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank challenges you to a Good Night's Sleep with her new hypnosis download, or she will give you your money back. You can lie down and listen to her soothing voice as your stresses dissolve into a distant memory, while you drift into a blissful deep sleep.

Ailsa helps clients to take back control of their sleep by reprogramming the mind on a subconscious level. People's lives can be blighted by regular lack of sleep often caused by worries, a life event or health issues. Hypnotherapy offers a quick way to shift your state of mind to create physical and emotional calmness allowing you to get back on track.

Also recommended ‘Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing’ by Ailsa Frank (published by Hay House £10.99) which includes chapters on improving each area of your life to ensure a good night's sleep.

Cause and effect of not sleeping
Sleep is fundamental to your mental and physical wellbeing, so it is essential to get it right. A lack of sleep has a knock on effect on your whole life causing more anxiety, depression, exaggerating health symptoms, creating a poor performance at work and irritability in relationships. According to 'Public Health matters', links between a lack of sleep and high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes are emerging. It also makes us vulnerable to infection and raises the risk of accident and injury.

Losing sleep can feel like a small matter at first, but over time it can become frustrating and debilitating. Do you hear yourself say 'I am so tired I must be able to sleep tonight', but you don't sleep when you get into bed. Do you wonder if you have dementia or is your poor memory and lack of concentration due to sleep deprivation?

Insomnia can be triggered by a change in events in your life, such as when children are born, worry over a sick or elderly relative, a heartbreak or loss, a career change, money stresses, work pressure, difficulties at home, relationship issues or marriage problems, and health changes (e.g. menopause, pregnancy, time of the month, headaches, pain, M.E. / chronic fatigue, cancer). If you don't find a way to break the cycle of bad sleeping patterns, it can become a lifelong issue.

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to reset sleep patterns and is useful in two ways, firstly to deal with the upset in someone's life which may be causing the sleep problems such as a breakup, fear of redundancy, exam stress, family arguments, alcohol problems or a confidence issues. Secondly, hypnotherapy resets the minds ability to re-establish sleeping habits without medication.

When looking to resolve a sleep problem try to look for the external factors and underlying issues which may be causing sleeping issues.

Good Night's Sleep - Hypnosis Download
Ailsa Frank's sleep hypnosis download has been carefully crafted to set you free from past sleep issues such as waking or worrying in the night, bad dreams, difficulty getting to sleep or poor quality of sleep. It is suitable for anyone wishing to enjoy a good night's sleep. The exercises and techniques will tap into your natural sleep patterns so you can feel refreshed in the morning having had a full night's, deep sleep. There are so many elements that need to be right for a good night's sleep, so the messages in this hypnosis download will allow you to restructure you waking day and pre-bedtime sleep preparations enabling you to get to sleep fast and cope with your waking day well. Press the play button at bedtime, then drift off into a deep slumber. Also useful for night shift workers and to counterbalance time zone changes and jet lag.

Testimonial: "After listening to the Good Night's Sleep hypnosis recordings I am out like a light and wake feeling refreshed like never before."

‘Good Night's Sleep’ hypnosis download recording is priced £12.99 available from 90-day money back guarantee.

How to get to sleep fast - Youtube film by Ailsa Frank


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