Year on year the top new year’s resolutions revolve around weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals, and research shows that in the UK only 73% of people consider their resolutions to have been successful a year later (1).

Changing habits is notoriously difficult, but when it comes to weight loss a new online tool which uses the latest research in habit formation could help make those resolutions a reality that really sticks.
It’s entirely possible to lose over 1lb a week just by identifying and changing 1 damaging habit.

With their 20 years of experience building online tools for weight loss, UK based have created a new tool for January which aims to help people make real lifestyle changes that stick. The challenge tool enables users to focus on habits that are personal to them, and provides a framework for making new behaviours doable, effective and most importantly, sticky.

Successful weight loss needs more than a few weeks of meal replacements, cutting out certain foods, or following the latest celebrity fad ‘ It’s not that dieting doesn’t work, but being on a diet forever is not a lifestyle choice anyone wants to make. Losing weight and keeping it off requires lasting changes, as the famous quote goes:

‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.’

And it’s hard! It’s hard to make different choices to what you’re used to every day, over time. It’s hard to break old habits and make new ones.

That’s why Weight Loss Resources looked at all the current research on habit formation, and found that the secret to making changes that stick has 4 essential ingredients:

‘ The change is something you choose
‘ It addresses a specific part or your normal routine
‘ It’s in line with the person you want to be
‘ Doing it makes you feel good

Then you learn how to make it part of your routine and practice it until it becomes part of your life you don’t have to think about ‘ a super-glued habit!

It’s entirely possible to lose over a pound a week, just by identifying and changing 1 damaging habit. This innovative new challenge guides you through the stages of setting up your habit and fitting it into your life, giving you feedback on how you’re doing, and helping you to determine when your change has become a real, ingrained, automatic habit for life.

Full details on the challenge tool and how it works can be found here: