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Namo Natural Health

May 13, 2019

Namo Natural Health

Best Holistic Health Centre - Western Cape

Namo Natural Health Centre is your one-stop-shop for wellness. Established in 2001 and located in the small coastal town of Stilbaai they’ve managed to grow from strength to strength. They’ve got an ever expanding Health Shop with a great variety as well as various classes, like Pilates, Yoga, Stretching and Tai Chi, being presented in the Exercise Studio at the back. Their Signature Treatment has also become quite famous as it combines many different modalities into one Massage. By experiencing Pressure Points, Reflexology, Spinal Care and Massage together you get the best of all worlds – Alignment and Relaxation. Namo offers exercise, treatments and products to help guide your body to ultimate health. 

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+44 (0) 203 725 6847