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Sciadonics, Inc.

September 19, 2019

Sciadonics, Inc.

Most Unique Inflammation Treatment Developers 2019 - USA

Dr./Professor Alvin Berger studies anti-inflammatory properties of conifer seeds and oils used by indigenous cultures and Traditional Chinese Medicine. During his Ph. D (1988), he discovered sciadonic acid had potent anti-inflammatory properties. Mechanism of action and efficacy were demonstrated, forming Sciadonics/SciaEssentials® in 2016. “Customers rave about reduction in redness, increase in collagen, and skin healing following Delta-5® oil usage”. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of most diseases and responsible for half of skin problems. We now have a rapid, potent means to combat inflammation without side effects. We will develop Delta-5 for cosmetic, dermatologic, oral, and medical applications.

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