GHP Announces the International Life Science Awards 2019 Winners

United Kingdom, 2019– GHP Magazine has announced the winners of the International Life Science Awards 2019.

As technology advances and demands shift, the life sciences industry cannot help but develop and grow. This ever-evolving sector allows for a myriad of challenges and triumphs. As such we are awarding those people like you, who navigate the pitfalls and go beyond the rest.

From anatomy to zoology we recognise your accomplishments whether you work in the ongoing field cell biology or are an innovator in biohacking, all who’ve made quantifiable contributions to the life sciences industry over the past year are welcome to take part in this chance to earn commendations for your hard work.

Edward Faulkner, Awards Co-ordinator, commented on the success of these deserving winners: ‘GHP magazine are delighted to announce the publication of the International Life Science Awards for its fourth consecutive year. I am incredibly proud of all of my winners, so I would like to offer them my congratulations and my best wishes for the future.’

To find out more about these leading lights, and discover what has led them to becoming who they are today, please visit to access our winners supplement.



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