GHP Announces the 2019 Social Care Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2019– GHP Magazine has announced the winners of the 2019 Social Care Awards.

Providing extra care and support to those in need of practical or emotional assistance, helping them lead an active life and enabling them to retain their independence and dignity is a truly award worthy vocation. GHP Magazine provides these accolades to those worthy of praise, in their 2019 Social Care Awards.

Awards Co-ordinator, Laura Hunter, commented on the success of these deserving winners: ‘As our awareness of mental health issues increases, and lifespans are growing longer, the need for social care services is skyrocketing globally. Although the people who rise to meet this demand don’t do it for commendation, we at GHP Magazine still believe in highlighting the distinguished efforts and endeavours of those organisations and individuals, who aid some of society’s most vulnerable denizens. It is with great pride that I congratulate every winner in this prestigious awards programme and wish them the best of luck as they look to the future.’

To find out more about these leading lights, and discover what has led them to becoming who they are today, please visit to access our winners supplement.



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