MyHealthcare Clinic is, by all regards, a unique establishment on the expansive private healthcare landscape, offering best in class GP, Dentistry and Specialist services all under one roof. On the back of their success in the 2019 Private Healthcare Awards we spoke with one of MyHealthcare Clinic’s General Practitioners, Dr Stephanie Ooi, to find out more about their services and expertise.

The private healthcare sector has remained markedly unchanged over the last decade, despite substantial disruption. Indeed, where other industries have adapted and evolved, private healthcare has stood firm, resistant to change. In this, MyHealthcare Clinic represents a refreshing departure, capitalising on a very urgent need for a more modern, accessible approach to healthcare services, as Stephanie explains.

“Our mission is to provide accessible high-quality healthcare to our patients. We are extremely mindful of the patient experience and aim to provide a seamless journey. Our wish is for each patient who attends the Clinic to feel that they are a part of the MyHealthcare family, valued and well-cared for by our expert clinicians.

“We have a broad range of specialist services at our clinics, including: Dermatologists, Paediatricians, Adult and Child Psychologists, Gynaecologists, Lactation consultants, Baby Osteopaths, Dieticians and Educational Psychologists. Our on-site diagnostics include blood tests, ultrasound scans and dental x-ray and CT scanning. More importantly, everyone is welcome at our clinic. We see patients of all age groups, sex and ethnicity.”

It’s clear from the outset that MyHealthcare have positioned themselves as a more ‘modernday’ alternative to their peers. They aim to be as patientcentric as possible, flexible and – throughout every step – compassionate. “We see ourselves as a pioneer in the private healthcare world. We are unique in that there is no other clinic offering what we do. We offer both GP and Dental services under one roof with seven-day accessibility. More importantly, our Service is extremely affordable compared to most private services. We also have incorporated a dedicated children’s playroom into our newest Fulham clinic. This gives children a fun place to spend their time whilst they are with us.

It has proved to be very popular. In addition, and perhaps the most important differentiating factor, is that we are a family run business. We take extra care in ensuring that our patient journey is second to none.”

As a result of this approach, the future of MyHealthcare Clinic is one defined by substantial growth and expansion, as they double-down on their unique strengths. “We are extremely excited about what the future holds for us. Our current aim is to continue to run our clinics to a high standard and continue to build our client base. Our Specialist Consultant list is also continuing to expand meaning we will be an excellent resource for our patients. We hope to expand and open more clinics throughout London and the rest of the United Kingdom.”