5 Causes of Stress and How to Deal with Them

Most Americans know that stress has many different causes. These causes and the results can vary from person to person. Some people get stressed very easily, while others take things in their stride and move on as if nothing has happened. It’s also no secret that stress affects people both young and old. Have you ever wondered what the main causes of stress are? Read on below to find out. 

1. Finances 

While it is as old as the hills, the number one stressor for most Americans is the state of their finances and lack of money to support their families and pay bills that are steadily piling up. When the money coming in doesn’t cover the money going out, it becomes stressful and overwhelming. From mortgage foreclosures to the high cost of child care and utility bills, some Americans can’t catch a break. 

There are loans and things like a payday advance App that can help you to catch up on your bills, you just have to do your research and know where to find the reputable ones. 

2. The Job 

More and more Americans report that their jobs are the cause of undue stress on not only themselves but their families as well. Work-life balance is extremely important and can become a stressor when you can’t handle it all. Whether it’s a tight deadline at work or a sick child at home that distracts you from your job, the job is one of the biggest stressors there is for many people. Men and women also tend to be more stressed during tough economic times, when it’s highly likely they will lose their jobs at any moment. A stressful job not only affects you physically but emotionally as well. It’s best to try to strike a balance between your home and your work life. There are also things, such as meditation, yoga, and self-care that can help with this type of undue stress as well. 

3. Health 

Personal health issues can be stressful for the entire family. Dealing with an unexpected health crisis or chronic illness, on top of worrying how you’re going to pay the medical and other bills when you have to be out of work is enough to stress anyone. There are many stressors that will affect your health out there, but then worrying about your health can become a major stressor as well. 

4. Personal Relationships/Divorce

There is little that is more stressful than having problems with your relationship or than going through a divorce. However, personal relationships don’t just cover marriages and relationships. Children and parents are going to have conflict, you may have problems with your parents. Any type of problem in a personal relationship can lead to stress. It’s best to sit down and calmly talk through your problems, instead of steadily worrying and arguing over things that can’t be changed.  If you can’t resolve your problems, perhaps it’s time to seek professional help to get them under control instead. 

5. Pregnancy

Another of the biggest stressors Americans face today is pregnancy. Being pregnant is stressful on the expectant mother’s body and the mind at even the best of times. In today’s uncertain economy and with lockdowns in place, it’s even more stressful. The best you can do is try to take care of yourself and your unborn child by resting and staying away from others if you can. 

These are just a few of the top stressors that Americans face on a daily basis. While some stress is normal, it’s not normal to be stressed all of the time. If it’s starting to affect you physically and emotionally, it’s time to get help somewhere.

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