old man using electic wheel chair sat at a table with a woman

ergoflix Group GmbH is committed to reducing the stigma surrounding medical aids through its pioneering smart and aesthetic electric wheelchairs. Recognised as the Best Foldable Electric Wheelchair Design Company 2024 – Europe for its efforts, the team here are tackling loneliness whilst increasing the independence and quality of life of people with physical limitations. This is achieved through a line of innovative mobility products that are not only highly functional, but also visually appealing, moving away from the pretence that mobility aids are a sign of weakness.

With an increased standard of living and an ageing population present right across Europe, there is clearly a need for devices that help combat the indicators of an older population. In a market littered with cheap products seeking to take advantage, one name shines for its quality solutions. Disrupting industry norms, ergoflix was founded in 2017 and brought the first foldable electric wheelchairs with subsidy from the health insurance company to the German mobility aid sector.

In just a few short years, the company has undergone considerable growth as a result of its pioneering approach. Today, aside from being a leader in the German medical device market, it also profits from subsidiaries in both Austria and France. Germany alone sees an active sales network of more than 600 partners, meaning that ergoflix sells thousands of wheelchairs across Europe every year. Quite simply, it does this by always focusing on the customer, solving their needs and developing the products that are right for them.

As a result, the message that ergoflix sends to its customers is a positive one, this being that life is beautiful, regardless of what a person’s situation may look like. With the mobility products, users can travel independently again and expand their radius. Passionate about social impact and inclusion, the company’s portfolio covers all life situations and is characterised by the highest quality – this is also reflected in low complaint rate. The brand’s bestseller is the all-round ergoflix® LX, a design which comes in a number of stylish colour combinations such as red and black or black and white.

Boasting its status as the ultimate travel companion, the ergoflix® LX effortlessly strikes the balance between being lightweight and reliable. Aside from its range of 24 km and puncture-proof solid rubber wheels, the chair also possesses such features as an ergonomic backrest, the ability to adjust the firmness of the seat, as well as terrific suspension that makes indoor and outdoor travel a breeze. For added peace of mind, this chair also comes with a three-year warranty, underpinning its dependability.

The lightweight and foldable nature of all of these electric wheelchairs is a further distinguishing point, a game changer for those who prize their independence and seek to travel, unencumbered by a mobility aid that is heavy and takes up lots of space. ergoflix also has a number of specially developed accessories in its range, such as ramps for loading the chair into a vehicle, and adapters that allow the joysticks to be swivelled away and thus enable them to be driven under a table.

The past six years have seen the brand grow immensely, and some of its highlights include being recognised as a growth champion by leading German business newspaper FOCUS, as well as placing in the top 50 of The Financial Times’ growth ranking of 1000 businesses. Awards and accolades have followed, with these successes enabling the team to launch a number of social impact projects. One such project, with football club Fortuna Düsseldorf, ergoflix is ​​setting an example for accessibility and social participation. As part of this project, one lifelong fan of the club, 60-year-old Roger, was gifted a free visit to a home match as well as the ergoflix® LX foldable electric wheelchair. After facing difficulties walking and getting about in the years prior, Roger was finally provided an opportunity to visit his beloved stadium for a game, an incredibly powerful moment for him, the club, and ergoflix alike.

Looking ahead, the company is soon to release another item in its line of innovative mobility products, this time a wheelchair accessory called the Universal Holder, upgrading the armrest of a chair with capabilities to hold the likes of a mobile phone, large or small clip-on bags , or even a side mirror. With the Universal Holder, ergoflix now offer the opportunity to travel even more flexibly and comfortably.  Using the sort of groundbreaking technology FIDLOCK found in the bicycle industry, this product has seen the company partner with leading wheelchair bag supplier Quokka for the best results. The accessories are designed by the in-house research & development department and are unique on the market.

A pioneer in foldable electric wheelchairs across the continent, ergoflix Group GmbH is more than deserving of being named as the Best Foldable Electric Wheelchair Design Company 2024 – Europe.

For business enquiries, contact ergoflix Group GmbH via email – [email protected] or on their website – https://ergoflix.de/