sick day
16 Million UK Workers Have Suffered from Mental Health Issues but Only 29% Have Taken a Mental Health Sick Day
Exactly half of all UK workers admit to suffering from mental ill health, a figure that alarmingly rises when exploring
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Five Reasons Why Travel Is Good for Your Mental Health
Science has shown that there are many benefits to taking a vacation. When you know what those benefits are, you
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male body confidence
It Isn’t Just Women Who Need Body Positivity
Body positivity is certainly being talked about more than ever, revealing that women aren’t the only ones that are affected.
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87% Of Brits Say Smiling Instantly Makes Them Feel Better
A survey, commissioned by leading teledentistry giant SmileDirectClub, has revealed that reveals that Brits smile on average 31 times a
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skin care
The January Skin Saviours You Need This Year
The festive period has finished, and your skin might need TLC – all of the late-night parties and the extra
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The Most Expensive Daily Parking Charges At A&Es Revealed As Waiting Times Hit Record Highs
In December it was reported that every major A&E unit in England failed to hit its four-hour A&E waiting time
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My Healthcare London
Pioneering Private Healthcare Services in London
MyHealthcare Clinic is, by all regards, a unique establishment on the expansive private healthcare landscape, offering best in class GP,
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V-Care, The Biggest Women’s Health Trend In 2020
The #MeToo movement has encouraged women the world over to reclaim their bodies, creating a new climate for open conversation
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7 Signs That It Is Time To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine In 2020
Whilst having a reliable skin-care routine can be comforting and reliable in many ways, it doesn’t last forever. Now the
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skin and drinking
The Effects That Alcohol Can Have On Your Skin
Alcohol’s effect on your skin is like the rest of your body, it steals the good (hydration) and leaves the
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Blood Pressure
Successful Blood Pressure Diagnosis App Launched By Man Who Used Method To Cure His Own Condition
A patient whose doctor was unable to identify the cause of his high blood pressure has launched a 5-star rated
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Quit smoking
Research Reveals Large Geographical Differences in Quit Smoking Success in England
Stoke-on-Trent is the clear winner, with an increase in success rate of 91% since 2009, closely followed by five London
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