Lifestyle 2021
This year, caring for yourself and looking after your health and well-being should be prioritised. The saying about health being
Here we'll explore five ways that technology is revolutionising the UK healthcare sector - in ways you might not expect!
The brain is an essential organ responsible for regulating every function in the body. It controls everything from hunger, breathing,
Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the potent phytocannabinoids found in cannabis, accounting for more than 40% of the cannabis plant's
Patient Engagement
Patients and health care providers today are awash in data. Some of it, like many readings recorded by a piece
Digital GP
In some ways, it’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since the pandemic forced us into the first
Home workouts
When it comes to fitness, the first thing that comes to mind is going to the gym to achieve a
Excessive Exercise
Exercises may have numerous benefits to the body when done correctly. People use different training techniques when seeking to achieve
Choosing between whether to count calories or not has been around for a long time now. Many people claim they
Children's mindfulness
April marks Stress Awareness Month, and after the year we’ve had, mindfulness is more important than ever. The national month
Hayfever allergies
“Hay fever season is well under way and can be difficult for those who suffer from allergies. While you may
Healthcare technology investment soared 47% last year, to a new high of $51bn in 2020. Venture capital (VC) fundraising was