As a recovering addict, the last thing you want is to live in an unhappy, unhealthy environment after you get home from rehab. The thing is, there are physical things that can make the environment you are living in bad for you and make it difficult for you to stay on the path to recovery. During your intensive outpatient treatment and even afterward, you need a good home to live in to keep you on the straight and narrow. Below you can find a few ways to create a green, healthy, happy home to recover in.
6 Ways to Create a Green, Happy, Healthy Home
As a recovering addict, the last thing you want is to live in an unhappy, unhealthy environment after you get
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How Medical Professionals Can Take Better Care of Themselves
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All Your Coffee Questions Answered by a Coffee Expert
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7 Common Rosacea Triggers, According To A Skin Specialist
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Why are the UK public avoiding their GP?
Over half of the UK say that Covid-19 has made them more likely to try and diagnose their own symptoms
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4 Things to Know About Therapy
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4 Career Paths You Can Pursue After Studying Counselling
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Simple Ways to Achieve Better Health and Wellness at Home
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Why Becoming an Athletic Trainer Could Be A Great Career Move
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What is CBT, and How Can It Treat Drug Addiction?
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Cold Sores: The Science Behind Masks Triggering Cold Sores And How To Prevent Them
Here, Qualified Heath Practitioner Tammy Richards at dispensary brand PureOptical runs us through some advice on how to avoid the
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Simple SMS Reminders Will See 780k More Patients Attending Cancer Screenings in The Next 12 Months, New Campaign Reveals
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