Global Health & Pharma proudly welcomes you to the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023! This popular programme is returning for the fifth consecutive year – and as more countries move to legalise Cannabis for medicinal and recreational use – it is vital that we continue to shine a light on the leading companies driving this industry forward.

By the end of 2023, worldwide cannabis sales are expected to surge by fifteen percent, with this impressive rise thanks largely to the growing number of territories legalising the drug, as well as increased adoption across newly legal regions. Although the US and Canada have been the primary market drivers over the past few years, their dominance is predicted to decline in the future as Europe catches up legislatively and implements the framework required to usher in the next wave of growth.

There are a multitude of benefits to the legalisation of cannabis cultivation, consumption, and retail distribution. Not only would it provide a large source of economic growth, but a regulated cannabis industry would also allow for transparency across its operations and lead to a reduction in crime rates and illicit usage. Commercial cannabis is a major contributor to tax revenue, and as adoption increases these figures are poised to rise exponentially. A large number of jobs are also created through the legalisation of cannabis – from production, distribution, and sale of the drug all the way through to its various related ancillary services.

Alongside this loosening of legal restrictions in recent years, public opinion on cannabis consumption has been swinging largely in the direction of approval. A recent survey by the Pew Research Centre found that almost ninety percent of US adults believe that cannabis should be legal for either medicinal or recreational purposes. This landslide result illustrates the overwhelmingly positive perception of cannabis use among the general public, which is a key area that is expected to drive growth in the overall market.

The team at Global Health & Pharma are looking forward to diving into the latest trends and innovations across the cannabis sector, and recognising the companies who are spearheading these advancements. The Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023 will consider merit-based factors such as company performance, customer reviews and testimonials, product and technology developments, industry accolades, and more in order to determine the final list of esteemed winners.

Every recipient will be provided with a valuable marketing toolkit – completely free-of-charge – to promote their success. As well as this, we also offer all of our winners the opportunity to upgrade to one of our commercial advertising packages. For those who would like to maximise their exposure through extended coverage in the Commercial Cannabis Awards supplement, these advertising packages are a fantastic option! In addition to editorial content, our packages also include both physical and digital marketing tools designed to help supplement your promotional activities.

If you would like to put yourself forward for consideration in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023, register your interest today by clicking the ‘Vote Now’ button provided. Global Health & Pharma would like to wish all 2023 nominees the best of luck!