Best Home Tech to Have During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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With so many challenges and difficulties Americans face during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to learn all the essential ways to help protect you and your family. Having all the important supplies available in your home to ensure your health and safety can be critical.

There are some critical tech supplies that can be essential to help people make sure they are getting the best in-home care and self-monitoring.

At Home COVID-19 Test Kits – Many, people who have been concerned about whether or not they have the coronavirus have been unable to get tested unless they meet certain criteria of symptoms and pre-existing conditions. Since the COVID-19 virus also mimics other things such as the flu, stomach bugs, and allergies, having access to a reliable coronavirus test kit can help people be at ease in knowing if they have the virus. These tests can help people feel less stressed who may be suffering from other illnesses as well as help people that test positive to get early treatment. The good news is there is a new at-home reliable coronavirus test kit that will be available soon for the general population to buy that will help serve this need.

Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor – For people who do fall ill with the virus or other upper respiratory ailments and are having difficulty breathing, these monitors help people to monitor how much oxygen is in their bloodstream. This is vital to ensure the blood is not oxygen-starved, which can lead to serious medical problems. The monitor is a totally non-invasive piece of equipment that goes on a person’s forefinger and many units retail for under $30.

Digital or Infrared Thermometer – Because one of the main symptoms of the COVID-19 virus is a fever, having a quality at-home thermometer can be an essential tool. Both digital and infrared thermometers are easy to read and accurate, which makes them perfect for at-home temperature monitoring.

Smartphone – A smartphone can be a vital tool during the coronavirus pandemic. They can keep you up to date on any breaking news if you set up your phone for alerts. They are also great for accessing the latest data on outbreaks in your county to help you understand if cases are growing, stable, or declining.

Air Filtration Ionizers and HEPA Air Filters – These are great tools to ensure any air in the home is purified against the virus. While this does not protect against people who bring the virus into a home and are not social distancing or the surfaces they may touch, It can protect against airborne virus particles that may come into a room from potential at door contact. While these will filter all of the air in a room, keeping one of these filtration systems near your main accessway is the best location for the device.

Important Pandemic Supplies – Aside from the food and hygiene basics, some of the other critical needs include having the tools to sanitize and protect your home, vehicle, food, and home delivery products. That means people should be sure to invest in both hand sanitizer and sanitizing cleaners to keep everything continuously clean. Stocking up on items to protect you and your family if anyone gets sick can be essential as well, such as Acetaminophen or Paracetamol for fever and immune boosters as well as other care supplies that are a little more advanced such as tech tools that can help with COVID-19 diagnostics and protection.

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