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For many people, their nose is a sensitive subject. When someone feels that their nose does not suit their face, it can have a huge impact on self-esteem and confidence. Others may be happy with the way their nose looks, but it does not perform as it should, leading to breathing and sinus problems which range from a minor nuisance to cause for real concern. Rhinoplasty London is extremely well-versed in these issues, and it is committed to fixing them one nose at a time.

Simply put, Rhinoplasty London is at the top of its profession. Its owners, Lydia Badia and Charles East, are two of the world’s foremost experts in nose surgery. They combine world-class expertise with a keen focus on client care, providing a personal service which involves the patient from start to finish. Be it fixing septum deviation or complete reconstruction, London Rhinoplasty offers a comprehensive range of services with the utmost quality in mind.

All of Rhinoplasty London’s patients are in excellent hands. Charles East, for one, is highly experienced in both aesthetic and functional nose surgery and boasts expertise that has earnt him Tatler magazine’s title of Top Nose Surgeon for the last 14 years. To name only some of his accomplishments, in 2024, he has become the president of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, and he previously served as the UK Vice President of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Lydia and Charles often operate together – with this being reassuring to know that two experts are caring for you. It is easy to see why East and Badia’s clinic provides the best rhinoplasty in London; any patient would be hard pressed to find more experienced and internationally esteemed nose surgeons.

Among the clinic’s offering is diamond rhinoplasty, a form of ultrasonic rhinoplasty which moves nasal bones without breaking or shattering them. The team’s overarching approach of preservation rhinoplasty emphasises the desire for as little reconstruction as possible, aiming for natural results by maintaining much of the existing nose structure, changing your nose securely but keeping the way you look. Its surgeons keep abreast of the latest trends in nose surgery while ensuring that they go by safe, tried-and-true methods for outstanding, tailored results. In short, they are innovators, teachers, as well as expert surgeons.

Not only does Rhinoplasty London provide leading surgical results; it does so according to a strict set of guiding principles. The team considers it a duty to assist patients in making the right choice for them. The surgeon will never talk their patient into a procedure they do not need or want and will only ever prescribe procedures with a proven history of safety and success.

“Patient service is the highest priority to us.”

In line with its commitment to patient satisfaction, Rhinoplasty London warns of the risks of medical tourism. It is important to choose skilled, experienced, trustworthy specialists, and the team expresses concern that social media breeds “artificially created influencer style doctors” who are having a noticeable impact on the industry. Rhinoplasty London aims to make its own waves by teaching young consultant surgeons to share the knowledge, techniques, and experience that will help others and lead to yet more satisfied patients.

Former patients call Rhinoplasty London’s surgeons “kind and patient” and “skilled and experienced”, and report transformational, confidence-boosting results. The team fixes problems, giving patients a nose they feel proud of. Nose surgery is not simply about vanity; it is about aligning a patient’s vision of their face with reality. For some, this means feeling a little better about themselves, and for others, it is a new lease on life. Rhinoplasty London is proud to instil these feelings as much as it is to deliver exceptional results.

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