Peonia Medical, the company that has become widely known as ‘Nottingham’s Leading Doctor-Led Aesthetic Clinic’ for 2022, also has clinics in Leicester and London. Additionally, with another clinic on the way – this one to focus on the training and teaching of UK aesthetic professionals in treatments popular amongst East Asian nations – it has been thrust to pre-eminence in its industry in the eyes of both clients and peers. Working with diligence and rigour, its dedication to science, innovation, and customer service has secured it a place at the head of the pack in its sector.

A leader in advanced aesthetics and skin treatments, Peonia Medical has clinics across the UK, from Nottingham to Leicester and even London. Nominally, it was created by and is still run by Dr Tracy Xu, one of the foremost professionals in her field, who has developed it into a great example of modern aesthetic medicine. Combining oriental aesthetic practices and complete compliance with UK medical and treatment law, it offers wrinkle-reduction injections, dermal filler face contouring, non-surgical rhinoplasty, precision tear-through correction, thread-lifting, medical-grade skin treatments, and wellness treatments from intravenous therapies to weight management.

Fundamentally, during offering each of these services to its clientele, it takes great pains to show its commitment to the values and principles that Dr Tracy Xu has ensured make up the beating heart of the clinics and the team of professionals that run each of them. To boil it down to a singular phrase, these values could be summed up in the want to ‘create a natural, healthy, and balanced look for everyone’. It does this – with the help of the extraordinary team it has assembled – in a manner that allows it to tailor its services to each client, educating them on the nitty gritty of its treatments in order to ensure that they can give fully informed consent before it proceeds.

Similarly, as it has its clients’ health and wellbeing in mind as the foremost priority, it will never go ahead with a procedure if it is unsafe to do so, or if said procedure doesn’t fit its client’s goals. It works these goals out by way of consultation, sitting down with its client in a no-pressure, no-obligation environment that allows them to get all necessary information and have their concerns assuaged. Consequentially, it has developed a loyal client base of people who agree with its aesthetic ethos and who use Peonia Medical as their one-stop-shop for aesthetic medical procedures, all of whom have left glowing reviews or go on to give positive word of mouth referrals to family, friends, and peers.

It is thanks to this that Peonia Medical’s client base is forever growing, as more people find out about it through how many people speak to the excellence of its services. With principles that have stayed constant since the practice was established, Peonia Medical serves a diverse group of people and with a diverse array of treatments, aware that medical aesthetics is not one-size-fits-all and happy to guide a client through what certain solutions may entail. Many of its clients are East Asian people living in the UK, but it has gained the trust of a wide variety of people from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and career paths, with its offerings of non-invasive skincare to intensive surgery meaning it has something for everyone.

With a healthy online digital footprint that ensures it remains a foremost voice in the digital epoch that has secured itself even further as a result of the pandemic, it has carved out its niche across several platforms. This includes WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, and through email subscription. Moreover, 10% of its clients come through partnering training companies, 10% from its website and these other platforms, and the rest through the above word of mouth referrals. Critically, having made itself such a front-runner in its industry and garnered such trust in the wider market segment, Dr Tracy Xu’s efforts have ensured that she and her team stand out from the crowd with their continued insights and dedication to progressing the sector further.

With a commitment to client wellbeing, it continually demonstrates an in-depth understanding of East Asian aesthetic medical treatments, too. This has been made possible by Dr Tracy Xu herself, as she trained in China, and thus has a breadth of knowledge regarding the medical procedures popularised in East Asian countries and how to apply them so that she can offer them in her UK clinics. Most aesthetic practitioners in the UK, regardless of background, have training in UK based aesthetic treatments only.

Therefore, Peonia Medical has ensured that it can retain pre-eminence in its industry in the nation by holding the title of one of the only – and certainly one of the best – treatment providers when it comes to treatments developed in East Asia. Thus, a big part of the reason it has been able to develop such a large client base is because it provides treatments that so many of its clients simply struggle to find elsewhere, giving them a safe, contemporary, and rigorous solution to aesthetic skincare solutions.

Certified in Asia and here in the UK, Dr Tracy Xu’s training has been thorough and systematic, and she has used the knowledge she earned during her training to further educate her staff. Due to this, the team she has built around herself is each highly knowledgeable and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the industry, made possible due to Dr Tracy Xu’s experience with systemic specialty-based training that go above and beyond the usual one-day courses in the UK proper. Moreover, with each staff member taking on a myriad of pivoting roles within the company, it ensures that everyone within its ranks is excited to face the challenges of the workday and can take on any number of roles within the company.

Each staff member is proficient in being the friendly first point of patient contact, the positive showcase window of its clinical work, the source of patient referral, and the epicentre of what drives expert patient care; due to this, it looks for honest, hardworking people who will fit into this culture of excellence. Additionally, it holds regular meetings and group brainstorming sessions to ensure everyone’s ideas are heard. Therefore, it has been able to rally this outstanding team around itself in order to survive the pandemic by implementing the correct PPE and doing regular webinars whilst treatments were on hold, allowing it to hit the ground running once again when it re-opened. In 2022, it will be continuing to power on through with its work, launching a new line of cosmetic surgery services to its patients, educating peers about East Asian aesthetic procedures and continuing to break down the barrier between Western and Eastern aesthetic treatments.

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Dr Tracy Xu Sitting on Chair in the Aesthetic Clinic
Dr Tracy Xu