Innovation should always be focused on making people’s lives better, and easier in many cases. The world of medicine and healthcare technology is one that is subject to near-constant innovation, and the work of Finnish firm ADESANTE is focused on delivering innovative excellence within healthcare technology. Discover more about the firm as uncover the success that led it to achieving 2020’s Award for Excellence in Innovation, Europe from Global Health and Pharma Magazine.

Planning a surgery and delivering a surgery can often be two very different scenarios, but they have become more and more aligned thanks to advancements and innovations that surgeons can make use of when planning both easy and difficult procedures alike. Based in south Finland, ADESANTE is a healthcare technology company that provides visual intelligence for surgery planning, all whilst targeting zero surgical failures for surgeons around the world. Since its inception, ADESANTE has worked on developing Extended Reality (XR) solutions for healthcare service providers, and its core product is SurgeryVision™, which empowers surgeons to see inside their patients. In essence, what SurgeryVision™ does is open patients’ MRI and CT images for surgical planning in virtual reality. Planning surgical procedures is easier to do in three dimensions, and SurgeryVision™ uses hundreds of images from scans in just a few seconds to create a 3D stereoscopic model that surgeons can use for more precise planning of surgical procedures.

SurgeryVision™ helps to reduce operating room time, near-miss events, surgical failures, and re-operations, thus leading to huge financial savings to the clinics using the system. The agility that ADESANTE’s product development boasts allows for continuous updating and adding to the SurgeryVision™ system, helping surgeons save even more patients’ lives than ever before. The ambitious, yet admirable, vision behind ADESANTE and SurgeryVision™ is to have a world with zero surgical failures. This vision is backed by the ADESANTE team, which has an abundance of experience in industrial process modelling and animation, which is then enriched by deep clinical understanding. ADESANTE also has an international network of business partners and distributors that provide it with a local presence in selected markets.

Both public and private surgery clinics across Finland, Europe, and the wider world utilize MRI and CT scans in their perioperative processes. These clinics are customers to ADESANTE, which the firm approaches through its distributors who have a strong local presence, as well as good relationships with key decision-making surgeons at the top of their craft. ADESANTE is also a fast-moving company, and the staff work tirelessly to rapidly integrate technologies from other industries into the healthcare business segment. Led by passion and understanding, the firm is full of employees that knows they have a responsibility to generate success and help surgeons save lives.

Healthcare has traditionally been seen in the past as a slow-moving industry and business, especially when it comes to the adaptation and adoption of new technologies into existing practices and procedures. Yes, there are tight regulations of the business segment, and there has been a historic lack of companies having a clear understanding of how to bring new technology solutions to the healthcare market. However, ADESANTE brings a deep understanding of how to solve these challenges, and can still bring rapid innovation and integration despite the impact of COVID-19 throughout Europe.

Looking to the future, ADESANTE will be working on bringing the highly innovative NVIDIA Clara artificial intelligence to be a part of surgery planning. This will also help elevate SurgeryVision™ to the next level, enabling to present abnormalities from the MRI and CT scan images to the surgeons automatically. Also, as augmented reality continues to mature as an emerging technology, ADESANTE will also look to ensure that it took is implemented into SurgeryVision™ so that the surgeon can utilize new data as it comes in during operations. By mixing industrial technologies, such as 5G, extended reality, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and blockchain, ADESANTE hopes to make autonomous robotic surgery possible, and eventually bring about its vision for a world with zero surgical failures.

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