Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2019 Press Release


GHP Announces the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2019 Winners

United Kingdom, 2019 – GHP Magazine has announced the winners of the Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2019.

Since the beginning of time, the Fitness and Nutrition industry has been popular, mainly because it is one of the few industries that each and every individual can take part in either with or without cost, young or old. With Fitness and Nutrition – there is always a positive outcome, both physically and mentally.

We’ve seen the rise of trends and crazes throughout the decades as the industry evolves with technological, medical and professional advances. Regardless of the current trend or factor, Fitness & Nutrition remains the highest priority when it comes down to personal health and development.

Therefore, we at GHP News have sought out the business and individuals from all corners of the market, from classes to products to identify the creme de la creme of the fitness and nutrition industry.

Celebrating this year’s inaugural programme, Awards Co-ordinator Jazmin Collins commented on the success of these deserving winners:

“In celebration of the ever-evolving fitness and nutrition industry, it is with my greatest pleasure to represent the winners of the debut year of GHP’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards. Here’s to many more years showcasing the finest from across the industry and I hope my winners achieve even greater success going forward!”

To find out more about these leading lights and discover what has led them to becoming who they are today, please visit https://www.ghp-news.com/fitness-and-nutrition-awards-2019 to access our winners supplement.



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