Welcome to the February edition of Global Health & Pharma.

In recent research, we find out that the emerging cardiac therapies market in the United States and Western Europe is advancing at double-digit rates, propelled by the growing adoption of minimally invasive procedures by interventional cardiologists, technology advancements, supportive reimbursement policies and a rising aged population.

On the subject of research, an in-depth feature by Immunservice reveals the development of innovative well-tolerated therapeutic use of cytokines, in particular interleukin-2, the major immune-modulating hormone in humans and animals.

Turning to animal health, IFAH-Europe recently welcomed the European Medicines Agency’s and the European Food Safety Agency’s summary conclusions of their joint opinion on EU measures to reduce the need to use antimicrobials in animal husbandry as an important acknowledgement that there is no perfect farming system.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition.