Welcome to the latest issue of Global Health & Pharma Magazine.

This month, we look at whether UAE looks likely to reach its ambitious healthcare goals by 2021 and we take a closer look at a scientifically accurate 3d model that accelerates device testing and research for the treatment of heart disease.

We speak to Dan Somers of Warwick Analytics about how far data-driven operations and Predictive Analytics in the healthcare industry has come, and find out from Oliver Harris, Managing Partner at Montreux Capital Management, why the UK healthcare industry is poised for a wave of M&A.

There’s a report on the future of the surgical robots industry and why it is set to be worth an eyewatering $20 billion by 2021 and an exciting look at how stem cells could open the door for faster, more effective treatments for patients who have experienced a stroke.

Not only this but Nick Simpson, CEO of MSI Group, talks to us about tackling the’ weekend effect’ and we hear about how a popular US-based social network helped a doctor save the life of a 14-year-old boy.

Plus we have all the usual news and comment from around the global healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

We hope you enjoy the issue.