Welcome to the November issue of GHP Magazine.

With 2016 drawing to a close, it is as good a time as any to reflect upon the achievements that been made, the milestones reached, and the barriers broken, in all of the facets of the ever-evolving, constantly changing medical industry.

This newest monthly issue of GHP aims to reflect in particular upon this month’s most prolific contributions to the vast field, whilst also drawing attention to the innovations on the not-too-distant horizon, that will play their part in improving healthcare and its access for people all across the world.

Of course, with new technologies becoming available almost daily, and the regular updating of practices in consequence, it might be all too easy to become lost in this quickening pace. To combat this, there are a number of firms that have made it their mission to deliver the science behind the science.

This, in particular, is the domain of Tangent90, whose Vendit program provides crucial clinical trial data in support of the global life science and healthcare sectors, in what is a highly important aspect of modern healthcare.

Other institutions, such as Amsterdam-based Scicomvisuals, have embraced and honed the capability to present detailed infographics that offer compelling breakdowns of new technologies for the benefits of generating new ideas in the process.

Healthcare, then, is a circularly flowing, constantly ebbing industry, where innovation breeds creation, resulting in a flourishing of understanding and the daring to push the boundaries even further still. The last 20 years alone have been paramount for demonstrating the versatility of modern medicine, and we at GHP aim to provide that essential gateway into the intricacies of this vast industry, to document its evolution and to help you, our readers, to stay on top of it.

Jonathan Miles, Editor