Even though many people are quick to disregard modern technology, many do not see the greater picture of that. The reason why we are able to live comfortably the way we live is because of the many medical breakthroughs. If it were not for science and scientists that understood medical problems at a molecular level, we would still be struggling with many diseases.  Thus, it is impossible to throw away modern life without throwing away medical accomplishments.

One very important procedure we developed is the Lefort Colpocleisis procedure. A lot of people may have not heard about it, and it may be better not to be in a situation where you need such knowledge. Women suffer from a wide range of unique problems due to their gender and the messed up biology behind it. From being more prone to autoimmune diseases to more problems because women’s physiology is more sophisticated, it is important to understand the basics.

Uterovaginal collapse

In order to understand the Lefort Colpocleisis procedure, it is important to understand uterovaginal collapse first. The most common type of pelvic organ prolapse is uterovaginal collapse, although other organs can also collapse. This collapse occurs when the surrounding muscles of the uterus tear down and cause the uterus to slip down to the vagina.

All of our organs are held together in their place by either skeletal muscles or smooth muscles. Smooth muscles are the ones that our bodies move on their own, we do not move them voluntarily. These muscles do not last forever and the ones around the uterus are especially vulnerable. They undergo a lot of stress during childbirth and they hold a much heavier load than the muscles in males. 


The most common cause of uterovaginal collapse is the accumulation of stress from vaginal births. These muscles hold up in young women, but a lot of women, around 1 in 9, are bound to suffer from this by the age of 80. These muscles also face strain from constipation and heavy lifting, which are also the main causes.

Women did not have enough time to evolve these muscles to birth children with big heads. The female anatomy suffers greatly from this problem and every woman knows how painful vaginal births are. Heavy lifting is also a problem for women because muscle growth depends on testosterone. 


If you are feeling or seeing a bugle from your vagina, this could be a serious indication of this problem. This bulge is not something that appears and leaves, it stays there and you can feel it. This and other types of pelvic prolapses cause problems with the bladder and urinating. Bowel movements also become uncomfortable and you may need to press the area to move them.

You will also feel like vaginal tissue is always in touch with something, like cloth. Pressure in the back area is also a common symptom regarding these kinds of prolapses. The discomfort and sometimes throbbing pain also occur depending on the severity of the prolapse.

The procedure

Lefort Colpocleisis may sound like a complicated procedure for such a problem, but it is not. It is not an easy procedure, nor is it one that women want to do unless it is their last option. However, these surgeries have a 90 to 95% success rate and always help out with discomfort. This surgery requires the uterus and other organs to be pushed back into their original position.

This is done manually and when organs are in place, a mesh made from biocompatible materials is put to hold everything. The surgery does not last long and the recovery time is just one overnight stay in the hospital. After the Lefort Colpocleisis procedure is done, the chances of problems coming back are slim. There are only risks regarding urinary infections, but these infections can be treated with no problems.

When to do it?

The reason why women may avoid this surgery is that the vagina is closed after this procedure. There is no reversal and the vagina must stay closed so the organs and the mesh can stay there. Even though older women tend to leave sexual life behind, many still enjoy and maintain an active sexual life.

In this regard, this can be a problem that women must face before making the final decision. When the pain becomes unbearable and other symptoms become more problematic, sacrifices must be made. This is why some women feel regret after the procedure because of how tough this decision is.


This procedure can be avoided with care before you get older, but some women may still be more prone to prolapses. Even though the C-section is a viable option for childbirth, it should not be used as an alternative if it is not threatening in other regards. Vaginal births are very important for the proper development of the baby and they can’t be performed multiple times without risks.

It is best to avoid heavy lifting and encourage other generally healthy habits to avoid these prolapses. Smoking is a big risk factor concerning uterovaginal prolapse and a lack of oestrogen is also a potential problem. It is important to consult with a doctor if you have lower oestrogen levels, especially after menopause when the risks become higher.

With this short health guide, you are able to understand the key principles behind the Lefort Colpocleisis procedure. However, it is impossible to cover everything regarding this important procedure only in one article. You should always read and watch other sources and talk to a professional, especially if you or someone close to you may need the procedure. Every woman that faces this problem faces it under their own unique set of circumstances.

Thus, the solutions and the complexity of these kinds of prolapses will vary from person to person. It is very important to stay informed and think about problems that may not threaten you, but may very possibly threaten others. Even though this is a very specific type of problem, that does not mean people shouldn’t be aware of it or not talk about it. It is important to spread awareness and be supportive of people facing these problems whose lives are saved with these procedures.