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Leading Health Platform Healthista introduces the ultimate Menopause Pack, a carefully curated accessible, insightful series of workshop content that intelligently addresses Menopausal symptoms by providing expert led solutions in a fun, easy to digest series. Each episode supports women through this often-challenging period. Expect to learn more about how to move to improve your mood, the

often-complicated issue of hormones and HRT as well as how food choices are crucial in managing and improving your menopausal symptoms. Each workshop provides trusted information and easy to implement ways to optimise mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing. Women can then take charge of their lives by utilising the Menopause pack, delivered to them by some of the best experts in their respective fields.

The series is led by media medic Dr Dawn Harper who specialises in Women’s Health. Together with Healthista they have curated a powerful team of 6 wellbeing experts including Dr Nitu Bajekal, senior consultant ob-gyn, lifestyle medicine physician; Emma Bardwell, specialist menopause nutritionist; Svava Sigbertsdottir future facing movement expert with an interest in how to train optimally from 40’s and beyond. The meticulously curated knowledge-based content allows women to be in control of their Menopause, accessing these first of a kind, thoughtful workshops that cover each element of the menopause.

Long-standing Dragon Touker Suleyman says about this new venture he created:

Women in their 40’s have a wealth of knowledge and experience at this stage of their lives and to lose them has a massively negative impact on business in multi-ways. If we cannot support these women in a range of ways then our businesses will suffer. This platform I hope will begin to support women and help keep them in the workplace so that they not only stay but grow and expand and fill their potential. This is good for women, their families and business”.

Snapshot When Menopause is not supported it not only costs women their happiness but also impacts heavily on the workplace. In the UK more than 14 million working days annually are impacted, which equals £1.88 billion in lost productivity, according to Health & Her research. The research also found that menopause causes 10% of women to leave the workforce, with one in four considering doing so. Due to the severity of their symptoms, 370,000 women between the ages of 50 and 64 have quit or have thought about quitting their jobs.

While this is a serious issue, menopausal women’s needs are being overlooked both in the workplace and by healthcare providers according to a 2022 study. Healhista’s new digital platform is here to move menopause from behind closed doors and bring it forward into the workplace and beyond. The digital wellness pack aims to empower and educate women through the transition which can be positive if the right tools are provided.

Share this ground-breaking online menopause platform with everyone you know to give them unrestricted access to medical knowledge, dietary guidance, physiological support, customised workouts, sexual wellness advice, and audio meditations, as well as a welcoming Facebook group community. Menopause has never been so good.

Meet the experts:

Dr Dawn Harper – NHS GP with over 30 years of experience, specialising in women’s health, media personality, TV presenter and author


Dr Nitu Bajekal – Senior consultant ob-gyn, with over 35 years of experience in women’s health, author, and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician


Emma Bardwell – Specialist menopause nutritionist, writer, and author of The Perimenopause Solution. She blends nutritional science; diet therapy and behaviour change alongside a generous helping of understanding to get peri/menopausal women what they need


Dal Banwait – Top positive psychology coach and founder of Happiologists


Samantha Evans – Intimate health and pleasure expert with a background in nursing. She is also co-owner of Jo Divine, an online sex toy company, and a features writer


Svava Sigbertsdottir – Leading personal trainer, yoga teacher, nutritionist, and creator of The Viking Method


Maude Hirst – Mind expert and meditation coach, yoga instructor, actress, writer, and founder of EnergyRise