How Eating Pumpkin Can Brighten Your Skin, According to A Nutritionist


Halloween is fast approaching, and like everything this year, we are all celebrating a little different. One thing that hasn’t changed are the pumpkins! The beautiful influx of the orange vegetable in supermarkets is enough to confirm that the autumn season has arrived. Pumpkin is the ingredient that unlocks many traditional comfort foods during cold months, either in the form of pumpkin squash, rich soup or pumpkin pie!

Consuming this topical vegetable is a favourite for many people, but aside from the delicious taste, have you ever thought about the benefits it brings to your skin? Pumpkin contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help to brighten your skin, leaving you glowing and radiant. They are also versatile; you can use your leftovers to create your own rejuvenating face mask. To help explain how amazing this superfood is to your skin, we called on nutritionist at personalised.co, Donia Hilal to share 4 glowing skin benefits.


1. Improves skin texture

Pumpkins contain high amounts of beta-carotene (the orange pigment) which your body then converts into Vitamins A. Vitamin A is key in maintaining a healthy-looking complexion. Vitamin A strengthens cells and hydrates the skin as well as improving the rate of skin turnover. The vitamin C in pumpkin works to combat free radicals. Vitamin C is a strong protective antioxidant that may help to improve skin texture.


2. Repairs Skin Damage

Pumpkins are rich in magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, iron and zinc! All these minerals are very rewarding to the skin. Zinc is often known as the ‘healing mineral’ as it helps to repair damage, including skin damage. Pumpkins are filled with B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, B6 and folate. To have a more concentrated source, try roasting the pumpkin seeds and adding them in to salads, soups or on its own as a snack.


3. Keeps wrinkles at bay

By using the leftovers of your pumpkin, you can achieve that surface glow with a pumpkin face mask. Pumpkin contains fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliate the skin, helping to brighten your complexion and reduce fine lines. Additionally, the molecular structure of pumpkin is small and can penetrate deeper into the skin when used topically. A homemade pumpkin mask is key for treating aging skin, pigmentation and a dull complexion.


4. Builds collagen and elastin

As pumpkins are high in vitamin C, consumption will help you boost collagen production.  Collagen and elastin live in your dermal layer and give your skin the appearance of youth and radiance. The increased promotion of collagen production will improve your skin tone and elasticity.

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