Something as simple as journaling can help you get a new perspective on your life and reframe it in ways that improve your wellness activities.

Read on to learn how to start journaling and stick with it long-term. With the right tips, you can make journaling a habit as well as a hobby.


1.Write for yourself

After you sit down to write your first journal entry, remember to write for yourself by staying honest about what’s on your heart and mind. Make your journal an example of your inner monologue. If you can’t think of anything to write about, you can always log things like your latest achievements, new recipes you tried or your plans for the future.


2. Schedule journaling time

Time is usually the most common problem people face when they’re starting to journal. It’s not something you’re used to doing, so you may forget about it while you’re busy with other responsibilities during the day. Schedule at least ten minutes to journal in the morning, on your lunch break or even on some days during the week so that it becomes a habit over time.


3. Find your writing style

If you start journaling and it does not feel right, you might need to find your writing style to create a journal that fits your needs or personality. You may write a stream of consciousness, record your prayers or log what you’re grateful for. There are many ways to journal, so try something new if you feel stuck.


4. Journal for mindfulness

When times are uncertain, ground yourself and improve your mental health with journaling mindfulness entries. This writing will focus on how your body feels in the moment and where your thoughts go. As you write, you’ll lock into your struggles or successes, slowly improving your mental health because you’ll learn when it’s faltering and possibly relying on old bad habits.


5. Reflect on your progress

The best benefit of journaling is the ability to reflect on your progress. At the end of every week, read through your past entries. Think about what was happening at that time. You will immediately remind yourself of specific thoughts and feelings you had so that you can learn from that experience. Otherwise, you may not remember details that encourage you to learn and make changes to better your wellness.


Don’t start with expectations

After you find a suitable journal that you can’t wait to write in, don’t start your journey with expectations. Give yourself room to try new things, reflect and grow from whatever you write about. You’ll learn how to enjoy every moment once you sit down and start writing.