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GHP magazine are delighted to announce the return of the International Life Science Awards for its fourth consecutive year.

As technology advances and demands shift, the life sciences industry cannot help but develop and grow. This ever-evolving sector allows for a myriad of challenges and triumphs. As such we are looking to award those people like you, who navigate the pitfalls and go beyond the rest. From anatomy to zoology we will recognise your accomplishments whether you work in the ongoing field cell biology or are an innovator in biohacking, all who’ve made quantifiable contributions to the life sciences industry over the past year are welcome to take part in this chance to earn commendations for your hard work.

So why not celebrate your great work with us? If you believe you deserve to be recognised, or know someone who does, please complete the voting form below to nominate a candidate.


Why not read last years winners supplement by clicking the cover below?


International Life Science Awards 2019

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